Moving to Step Two

Fight For Her is officially with my proofreader. Insert a sigh of relief here. As exciting as that sounds, however, it is causing ample amounts of anxiety. Will she like it? Will it come back as one large red line? What if I missed something so obvious she refuses to work with me going forward? But, the fact of the matter is she doesn’t have to like it, there WILL be a lot of red, and I will have missed something very obvious. So what does that mean I should do in the mean time instead of worrying? For starters, I should be writing. I have started book two in this series and it is in desperate need of my undivided attention. I am also working with my photographer on the final cover design as well as some promo pieces I want to start getting out there. I am also thinking, in celebration of all that I have finished and the exciting things coming very soon, it is time for a little teaser. Keep your eyes peeled. I will try to actually remember to post this teaser here instead of just getting it on Facebook this time.

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