A Lot is Happening!


I have been missing for a little bit and I’m so sorry! But, good news is that I HAVE UPDATES!

For starters, we did the photo shoot for Break Me. It was so amazing I can’t even describe. My photographer ended up with way too many pictures and it was complete torture to narrow them down for the cover and SWAG. Don’t believe me? What do you think that gem is at the top of this blog post!?!  I’m going to force myself not to look at them anymore for fear of regretting every decision I made. They are all so incredible.

I have also completed my first draft of Live for Her, book two in the For Her series. This is a stand-alone novel but it helps to read book one, of course. I am loving writing Olivia. There is so much more to her than the bubbly, outgoing sister we met in Fight for Her. She’s human, after all. This probably has another week of edits and then off to betas it will go!

And, perhaps most exciting for the Fangirl in me, I have been added as a signing author to an event in Houston that will take place in November. Signing is pretty cool, sure, but what’s better is that the headliner is Jay Crownover. Jay – Freaking – Crownover! Affectionately named by me, obviously. Other signers include Monica Murhpy, Jessica Sorensen, and Jennifer L Armentrout!

Here is the link to check it out and buy tickets when they become available: http://houstonbookrave.blogspot.com/

Cover Shoot Number 2!

I can’t believe this but I am actually going to be shooting my second cover on Saturday. Well, when I say that, let’s be honest. My amazing cover designer, Emily, will be shooting it as I stand to the side and yell, ‘kiss her’ or ‘gaze longingly’ like I know what I’m doing. Now, let me get this out of the way first, this shoot IS NOT for book two in the For Her Series. Sorry to those of you who are ready to know what happens to our lonely suitor. This is actually the shoot for the first book in a fun summertime series I have been working on as I panic over the release of Fight for Her. The book will be for a New Adult audience and will have more mature content. You have been warned.

Tentatively titled, Break Me, this book is set in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I am in love with the characters in this book. They are all recent high school grads about to embark on the next phase of life. I love to take a character through this growth process. We tend to think we have it all figured out when we are 18 years old. It doesn’t take most of us long to figure out we have no freaking clue.

For this shoot my female model, Laura, was an easy pick. She if absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the picture. This will essentially be a couple photo shoot since her boyfriend is portraying the male lead in the book. They are adorable together and I can’t wait to see what we can come up with Saturday. I’ll try to post some teasers as we get them. Wish us luck!

photo**Photo credit to Gracie Days Photography

Happy One Week Birthday, Fight for Her

Fight for Her has officially been out one week. It’s surreal. It seems like I waited forever to have it out and now it’s like old news. Okay, maybe not old news but I am starting to move on with the next project on my list.

I am currently focused on a final read-through of my next book which is a New Adult Summer Series. I also have a photo shoot scheduled with my amazing cover designer for March 22. AND I am still working on book 2 in the For Her Series. I can’t wait to show you what happens to our poor, rejected suitor from book 1. As I have told a couple disappointed fans, I promise he will be taken care of. You can’t force someone to be with the girl that isn’t their soul mate. It would be just wrong.

Keep an eye out. I’m hoping to start posting teasers next week!

Fight for Her is LIVE!

I just couldn’t help myself. Fight for Her is officially out on Kindle and soon it will also be on Nook. I have marked the price down for the first day on each site to $.99. Please check it out and leave a review if possible. Help me spread the word about my first book baby. I can’t believe this is finally out.

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So, in honor of hitting 800 Likes yesterday I decided to do an extra long teaser today. This one will introduce a little of the other half of the book, what Chloe is dealing with when she goes home every night. Marlee, of course, did an amazing job modeling so I had to include a little picture of that as well. Don’t forget to pre-order your signed paperback today! I am putting the order in Wednesday so hurry! Email me at harperjameswrites@gmail.com with how many copies you want, an address, and who you want to sign it. The models, Ross and Marlee, and my photographer, Emily are all available.


“Chloe Ann Delaney,” bellowed Chuck Delaney’s stern voice.

“Dad?” She had pulled herself up and was sitting in the bed with her hand covering her eyes to block the stream of light he was letting in from the hall.

He stumbled a little to the left until his shoulder hit the doorframe and he was able to steady himself again. “Where did you put it?”

“What are you talking about, Dad? Where did I put what?” She had thrown the covers off herself and was making her way to the door where he stood or, rather, slouched.

“My scotch,” he slurred. “I know I had half a bottle left last night, and I know you threw it away. Now I can’t go get anymore because the liquor stores are either closing or too far away for me to drive.”

Chloe hadn’t thrown away any scotch that morning. As a matter of fact, she had thrown away an empty bottle he had forgotten finishing the night before. Telling him that was only asking for trouble, so she used her standby. “Oh, Daddy, I didn’t throw it away,” she soothed. “Look. I’ll go get it for you. Why don’t you go on into your room and lie down. I’ll be in with your drink in a minute.”

He grunted a response and headed down the hall toward his room. If she could just get him through the door and to his bed, he usually fell asleep within minutes. He wouldn’t even remember this tomorrow. Sure enough, after waiting the allotted ten minutes, she returned to his room with a glass of water and some Tylenol to find him asleep diagonally on his bed. She put the best hangover cure she could get where she was sure he would see it the next morning and shut off the lamp, leaving for her own room.

“I just wish she could hold my hand one more time, you know?” he whispered. She could barely make out the words but knew them all too well as they were her own thoughts on a daily basis.

“Yeah, I know,” she whispered from the doorway.

“Why her, Chloe? Why does she have to be gone so soon? Every day I have to talk about murderers who get parole and convicts who escape. Why does she have to be gone and they get to be here?”

Chloe wanted to speak, to tell him what she thought about everything, to explain that it was her mother who had it better than any of them. She was in a place where she would only know happiness while they were still here feeling pain and loss. Her mother was the lucky one, but her father was too far gone to understand. She just backed out of the room and shut the door behind herself, shutting out the first chance for true communication she had had with her father in over a year.

Don’t forget to get your copy of Fight for Her, coming to Nook, Kindle and Smashwords March 4th! Available for Pre-Order NOW!


I just ordered my final proof of the Fight for Her paperback. This means by Monday I will have the first ever copy of the book IN MY HANDS. I cannot express how excited I am. In order to pre-order the correct amount I have decided to have a little incentive. I will be taking orders starting today for signed copies of the book that can be shipped directly to you. It will be signed by me and you can also request signatures from the models, Marlee Henry and Ross Rowland, AND the cover designer Emily Cutrer.

To order your copy please email me at harperjameswrites@gmail.com and in the email specify how many copies you want, who you want each copy signed by (it can be all or any combination of those listed) and your shipping address. I will then send a PayPal invoice to your email for the sum of $15. This is to cover the cost of the signed book, packaging, and S&H. Once you have paid the invoice your name will be on the list!

I am so excited to get this book out and am so grateful to everyone for following along. Special shout out to Micalea Smeltzer for keeping me sane and for helping me through this process, Theresa Wegand for being an amazing editor and the hubs, Jake, for being pretty awesome all around!

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We Have A Release Date

I have started the process of uploading the book to Amazon, Smashwords, Nook and Create Space for printing. This required me to put on my big girl pants and select a release date. And that date is… March 4th! I am also going to do a discounted release day price of $.99 for e-books so be sure you get it on the 4th before it goes up. The paperback will be available for $10. I can’t believe a book I got the idea for in 2010 is FINALLY coming out. *Flails*

So, to celebrate my decisiveness, I am going to give a little teaser in the form of song. I have been obsessed with the band Green River Ordinance since my husband introduced me to them when we were dating, way back in 2006. Yep, I’m old. In 2010 they released an EP called The Morning Passengers EP that I still listen to today. There was a specific track, Uncertainly Certain, that grabbed me immediately and put an image in my head. The lyrics, ‘It started with a fist fight’ and ‘She’s a beautiful girl in her own little world’ inspired what would become Fight for Her. This band paints a picture with every song. I literally use at least one song from them in every book for inspiration.

Please go check them out. They are great guys singing great music. They do it because they love it and refuse to sell out. What Independent author or reader of indies wouldn’t love a band like that? Please visit the sites below and check out the song Uncertainly Certain.

Green River Ordinance:
Twitter: @GRO
Facebook: facebook.com/gromusic
Site: www.greenriverordinance.com